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Dolls of Russian Princess Romanov’s, 1900s.

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Princesses Romanov's

Princesses Romanov's

In the end of XIX – beginning of XX century importers brought to Russia a lot of French and German dolls, as Russia practically didn’t produced dolls this time.

Children in Csar’s family was brought up in austerity, and every doll was a dear guest in nursery.

The last Russian Tsar, Nicolaus II brought up respect to Russian history in his children, and even foreighn dolls was serving to this purposes.

For most of the dolls were sewed traditional dresses. In the Tsar’s collections were kept several antique dolls in traditional russian garments, as well as doll dresses of other nations of Russian Empire, as Tartar, Osetin ot Ukranian.

Jumeau doll owned by Russian Princess, in dress of Russian Empress. 1880s

Jumeau doll owned by Russian Princess. 1880s

During the visit of Romanov’s family to Paris in 1896, French president presented to princess Olga fabulous troussot of valuable sorts of tress. There was a doll with full trousseau: including dresses,  lingerie, hats, shoes and even dresser set.

The doll furniture for princesses was producing mainly in St. Petersburg. On one table of mahogany there is factory label: Nouveau magasin Etranger, Supplier of Imperial Court, Bolshaya Konyashinnaya 2, St. Petersburg.

On the photo from the right you can see Jumeau doll in the dress that fully copies garment of Russian Empress of 1772.

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  3. We can say it is a Russian baby doll.

  4. The last Russian Tsar, Nicolaus II brought up respect to Russian history in his children

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    Good info. I was always interested in Russian history. A lot of time put into this article i know for sure. Thanks!

  6. When I was a little girl Barbie is the only doll I know. When I browse your blog, I got so amazed of all the pictures you posted about dolls. I also like French dolls. When my mom went to Japan she bought a Japanese Dolls. They are so adorable that I love looking at them.

  7. Nice little dolls, cute stuff, my baby really likes this sort of stuff. Thanks for the nice sharing.

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    Your blog is interesting and inspiring. The dolls are classy. Everyone loves to collect them.They are worlds history.

  9. really feelling very nice to see this dolls of our past history i am very impressed of this post

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    That doll must be worth a fortune. I would very much be in possession of it.

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  12. antiquefan says:

    The Romanov’s left a great heritage behind. The Romanov dolls are globally renowned and some of the most beautiful exponents can be found at the Russian Museum. It’s always a pleasure to read more about these dolls.

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  17. Very impressive, Russian Dolls are truly beautiful. I really like it.

  18. This is seriously horrifying – I had no idea! I really don’t like the loss of that beautiful old-fashioned language. it genuinely upsets me to think of them not reading it all in the original. Thanks for the heads up!

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    how cute the dress and the crown is, she is so adorable