Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The doll-butterfly

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Jean Henri FabreRarely one can meet the really stand out doll with unusual and unique fate. One of these dolls is Gaultier doll from 1880s that belonged to famous French entomologist Jean Henri Fabre from Avignon (1823-1915).

Jean-Henri was a teacher, physicist, chemist and botanist, but he was get known mostly by his works in entomology area and his is known as founder of modern entomology.

Fabre was talented teacher and writer, who was able to speak about life of insects in fascinating and easy to understand manner.  He wrote “Some people reproach me in style that hasn’t neither solemnity nor scholar dryness. Some people afraid that pages being read without tiredness not always seems to be expressing truth. “.

Fabre obtianed this Gaultier DollGaultier doll when he finally bought his own house in Provence.  Probably, this doll was produced specially for him.

Unknown painter painted 4 blue butterflies on the face of this doll.

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2 Responses to “The doll-butterfly”

  1. What is the meterial those dolls are made from ?

  2. Aansy says:

    i like the butterfly sticker specially the one on the forehead