Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Rare and beautiful wooden doll of XVIII century

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Rare wooden doll

Rare wooden doll

Please look to this rare and wonderful English made wooden doll 18 of Century!

Her head and body made is one piece, painted and varnished, flat seat, impressed genitals, tall black inset glass eyes, painted eyelashes and eyebrow. Nice sculpted feminine face. Articulated arms and legs, fine hands with separated fingers and tomb, stuffed fabric arms, flatback, original human hair wig. She has all original two pieces gown “A La polonaise”, a corset and silk jacket.

The doll was own by a French girl in the 18 th century who bough it in France certainly bu haberdasher merchant (like the famous Juhel shop) she belonged to Mr. A.M.G.Seligmann, a famous connoisseur and collector, friend of Henry d’Allemagne.

The photography is issued from the catalogue from the 1931’s exhibition “Yesterday’s Children”.

The other doll shown on the picture is a rare French Royal Court Doll and belongs to the Rosalie Whyel Museum in USA.

This type of dolls where made between 1745 and 1800 and dressed in fashion of the time as child or lady.


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7 Responses to “Rare and beautiful wooden doll of XVIII century”

  1. Oh my, where did you get these photos? What a beautiful example of an antique doll!

  2. Anna says:

    That’s amazing it is made with wooden in 18 of Century.

  3. doll says:

    wow, great dolls. it’s beautiful.

  4. How wonderful! This is a beautiful doll. I majored in Art History and love to see beautiful works of art like this!

  5. this really helps,thank you


  6. Afonya says:

    she looks a bit gloomy)) but very unusual