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16" (40cm) Antique Very Rare German Bisque Portrait of Princess Juliana by Gebruder Heubach, 1912

Very rare portrait model was modeled to represent the beloved young child, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands. Solid domed bisque socket head depicting a young girl, sculpted short blonde wispy hair tucked behind her fully modeled ears and captured at the crown by a sculpted aqua-blue hair bow, small intaglio upper-glancing blue eyes with black incised eyeliner, white eye dots, accented nostrils of rounded nose, closed mouth with solemn expression, accent line between the lips, Sonneberg composition and wooden ball-jointed body, antique woolen dress with cape, undergarments, socks, vintage leather shoes.

Marks: 4 Heubach (in square) 8381 Germany.
16" (40 cm) tall
Germany, Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912.

Condition: the crown of the head has been restored and repainted. No other problem on her bisque.
The body has been repainted.
But you can buy her almost for 1/2 of the full estimate price!

The photo which the doll is based was taken by Princess Juliana Mother Queen Wilhelmina in the garden of the Palace Soestdijk.

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