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13in (33cm) Antique German All Original Bisque Lady Doll with Sculpted Hair and Painted Necklace by Simon and Halbig

Bisque shoulder head with delicately tinted complexion, cobalt blue glass inset eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with accented lips, elaborate brown sculpted hair waved loosely away from face into large rolled curls at back of head, topped by a glazed black hair bow and plait down the middle back of the hair, exposed ears pierced into the head, original earrings, moulded gold painted cross with painted black ribbon necklace, muslin stitch-jointed body, bisque lower arms and legs, grey and black painted heeled boots.
She is wearing all original wonderful antique original white muslin dress trimmed with lace and pink ribbon, muslin and cotton original underclothes.

Rarity factors on the beautiful early model include brown hair, sculpted hair bow, two factory painted "beauty marks" on the face. glass eyes and molded necklace.

Condition: generally excellent. Her bisque free of hairline or restoration, the body in good condition.

Marks: S 0 H.
13in. (33cm.) high

Germany, Simon and Halbig, circa 1870.

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