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17" (43cm) Antique French Bisque Thuillier Bebe Doll Cabinet Size, Verdier & Gutmacher period

Bisque socket head, large blue glass paperweight inset eyes, dark painted lashes, feathered brows with glaze highlights, dark rose blushed eyeshadow, accented eye corners, shaded nostrils, open mouth with slightly parted lips, row of tiny porcelain teeth, pierced ears, blonde wig, French composition and wooden fully jointed body.
Condition: generally excellent.
The bisque free of hairline, crack or restoration. The body is in paper mache and wood, in good condition.

Marks: V. 6. G.
Bebe Gesland 5 Rue Beranger Paris (body stamp).
Verdier and Gutmacher, with deposed Gesland body,circa 1890. Very rare to find models by this firm, this example in fine cabinet size, has choice bisque and painting, original body and body finish, bonnet, underwear, shoes.
17" (43cm) tall

Verdier & Gutmacher was founded on June 1898 by Etienne Rodolphe Verdier and Sylvian Gutmacher. They lasted only two years, and in 1900 the company was closed. Therefore, V.G. dolls are extremely rare.
This firm was the successor of André Thuillier and has made only open mouth dolls with typical bodies. This doll is very interesting and quite difficult to find.
Bisque bebe from this company bears uncanny resemblance to late model bebe by Andre Thuillier.
The explanation offered, namely that the heads during the Thuillier were made by the Gaultier porcelain works, does not explain the resemblance of the bodies, which are identical.

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