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15 1/2" (40cm) Antique Early French Bisque Marked Poupee by Barrois with Cobalt Blue Eyes and Original Nun's Habit

Bisque shoulderhead with very plump face, delicate complexion with softly-blushed cheeks, cobalt blue glass eyes, painted lashes and feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, unpierced ears, cork pate, kid poupee body.
She is wearing her original multi- layered nun's habit of white wool and cotton with red monogram, original socks and leather shoes, woolen petticoats,rosary, etc.
Her clothing has red embroidered monogram S.M.R.
French nuns wearing white habits and black veils with the monogram “SMR” likely belong to the order “Sisters of Mary Reparatrix” (Sœurs Maries Réparatrices). This order was founded in 1857 by Émilie d’Oultremont in Strasbourg, France, and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Restoratrix. Their attire often includes a white habit and black veil, along with the “SMR” monogram.

Condition: generally absolutely excellent and all original.
Her bisque free of hairline, restoration, any damages.

Marks: E 2 Depose B.
French, Barrois, circa 1870.

15 1/2" (40cm) tall

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