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25" Antique Large All-Original French Musical Automaton Doll with kitten by Leopold Lambert

Standing upon a lush velvet covered wooden platform with silk braid and fringe trim, is a bisque-head doll with brown glass eyes, mohair wig (the wig is not original), open mouth, porcelain teeth, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, beautiful bisque forearms.
She holds a flowers in her right hand and a ball-on-string suspends from her left hand. A papier-mache kitten lies in wait on the "carpet" floor.
When wound, she turns her head from side-to-side and forward, and then lifts the ball-on-string up and down to tease the kitten; the kitten paws tentatively at the ball, then pauses and then leaps to the ball in a realistic manner.
Music plays throughout with two melodies.
Superb automaton, with well-preserved original luxury costume from the couturier atelier of Lambert's wife, Eugenie, antique french watch "Paris" and with delightful movements and music.

Condition: bisque excellent, mechanism and music function well.
25" (63 cm.) tall
The doll 20 1/2" (52cm) tall (without the base and wig).

Marks: L.B. (key) 1159 Simon & Halbig S&H 6 Germany.

Leopold Lambert, circa 1890, the larger size, quality music box, and complicated synchronized movements indicate the luxury nature of this automaton by his firm.


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Price: $4950.00
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