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12" (31 cm) Antique French Musketeer with Pistol on Wheeled Base by Vichy

A bisque-head man with slender face,brown glass inset eyes,modeled bisque moustache and goatee,aquiline nose,auburn mohair wig,carton torso and legs,and metal hands is mounted upon a three-wheeled metal base. He wears an elaborate aristocratic costume in the manner of the Musketeers with matching hat and above-the knee brown kidskin boots,and carries a brass-plated pistol in his right hand.
The mechanism is signed Vichy. Four movements.
Movements: the entire piece revolves and glides on the wheeled base,the man nods his head up and down,and rapidly fires the pistol.
Very good condition.

Antoine Vichy,France. Circa 1875.
12" (31 cm) tall

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