Looking to costume a doll in antique clothing? Welcome to!

Like many of you, we take much pleasure and in collecting antique dolls. One of the challenges for us is to dress our dolls in clothing and accessories that compliment them. It's also important to us that dolls are dressed in period clothing and accessories bring out their natural history and beauty. We search to bring you these things.

We are offering the doll clothes of different size, only original antique doll clothes or reproduction doll's garments with antique fabrics, laces, ribbons, buttons and other old materials. We have outfits, dresses, hats, underwear and accessories to fit your French and German antique dolls - Tete Jumeau Bebe, Bru, Steiner, French Fashion poupees, Kestner, Handwerck and other early European antique dolls.

It's wonderful to work with customers from different countries, and we love to communicate with them. Our wide range of doll-related national contacts has given to us a wonderful background in antique Victorian doll clothing.

We are constantly updating our site and invite you to come and visit often!

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